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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 28, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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don't forget, tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern. hope you'll record "hannity" the series. don't forget. ainsley, fox and friends 5:00 to 6:00. and steve, brian, elizabeth 6:00 to 9:00. thank you. factor is on. tonight. >> what's your daily routine like? >> i wake up, fall asleep. wake up. smoke a bowl, go to work. >> the "new york times" calling for legalized marijuana all over the u.s.a. but, there is a hidden agenda here. and we will expose it tonight. also, watters in newport, rhode island asking folks to grade president obama. >> five. >> seven,. >> two. >> the idea that we can't assimilate these 8-year-old criminals with their teddy bears is preposterous. >> conservative george will calling for all illegal alien children to be accepted by the u.s.a. we'll debate mr. will's point of view. >> i have said many times israel has a right to defend
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itself against rocket and tunnel attacks from hamas. >> also tonight, some people believe that president obama is anti-israel. we will present the facts. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor beginning right now. >> ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the great marijuana -- it's stance is predictable. the real reason that many liberals want to legalize pot is not to put another intoxicant in the marketplace, although they generally don't object to that the real reason, the unspoken marijuana play is contained in the times ed
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editorial, quote: there you have it. the left believes american law enforcement targets african-americans for drug prosecutions. therefore, they want drug sales to be categorized as nonviolent offenses and marijuana to be legalized. it's about race not drugs. now, some facts. the according to the u.s. assistancing commission 500 criminals were sentenced for 2013 at the federal level. almost 98% of them for sale. average prison time 41 months. here is the kicker. 63% of those convicted on the federal level were hispanic. just 11% black. the legalization of marijuana still full of unintended consequence. sends a signal to children that drug use is an acceptable part of life. that's big. the "times" says marijuana
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is not a gate way drug that it does not lead to other drug use that is false. according to a recent study by the yale school of medicine, adolescents who use pot or alcohol are three times for mikely to abuse hard drugs than children who do not use intoxicants. as for the poor precincts in america, does it make any sense at all to make intoxicants more available in those places? >> drug use and sales have devastated poor neighborhoods in this country. let's take new york city for example. in 1990, there were 2245 homicides in this town. an average of six per day. in 2013, there were 335 homicides. so what happened? under mayor rudy giuliani the new york city police cracked down on open drug use and sales. those convicted of selling drugs drugs were given much harcher sentences by the state of new york. no one disputes the murder rate was driven by the drug trade as gangs shouted out all over the city. now the left wants to go
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soft on drug use and criminal sentencing. apparently the "new york times" and others want to go back to the good old days where there were six murders daily in the nation's largest city. that's just insane. drug use is a public menace. it helps no one. same thing with alcoholism. same thing with smoking tobacco. but you don't add to those problems by legalizing pot. that's stupid. what the authorities should do is decriminalize pot use. you want to do it in your house? not bother anyone? fine. go outside with a joint or a pipe, you pay a fine. a hefty one if i'm running the show. but sell marijuana? you go to jail. america used to have standards of behavior in public. but today, the collapsing all around us. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from boston kevin, co-founder of project sam. smart approaches to marijuana.
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here in the studio stephan gutwelling executive director at the pot alliance of california. you say mr. gutwily? what do you say to my talking points. >> first i say that i'm thrilled to hear that you support decriminalizing marijuana. that's something that our other guest tonight is staunchly opposed to. it's not that far to go from the position that you just took which is that we basically should not be chasing after the nearly 750,000 americans that we arrest every year for possessing tiny amounts of pot for their personal use to saying well, what are we supposed to do about this enormous underground economy because, bill, you yourself, would rather have that existing gigantic marijuana economy in the the hands of regulators instead of criminals who don't ask for i.d., who don't test their pot and who don't pay any taxes. >> what i say to you is that i don't want the social message to go to the america's children that this is an acceptable part of
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life is dan, -- poor second. deficit states those neighborhoods. >> what is the message? how do you send the message? >> the message on the federal level. >> the message of regular glalgt marijuana is not that different from the message that you give -- >> -- don't have to get in the pot business. the states that do, colorado and washington are going to be sorry. let's get over to our boston guest, mr. sabet. you say? >> one thing we definitely don't want to do is legalize marijuana and create a massive new industry like alcohol and tobacco. if we thought the tobacco was bad. i would like to ask the editor of the "new york times" if it he they considered the distances of the american medical association. the american psychiatric association. the american society of addiction medicine. the national alliance of mental illness all oppose legalization and oppose this point of view. >> we have some agreement. >> i will be the "new york times" and you just ask mile. i will be the guy. rosenthal is the head
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director. so you just ask me the question. here is my answer. i'm not going to believe anything that goes against my ideology. next question. so you can present, wait, wait. facts all day long. >> the "times" editorial here. >> wait, wait, wait. >> supporters of marijuana. >> let mr. sabet wrap it up and i will get to you. mr. sabet look the left is saying harmless. i don't agree with it and you don't agree with it it's not a harmless substance, right? it's blacks. you trapping the blacks because in certain ghetto neighborhoods it's part of the cull trure 9-year-old boys and girls are smoking that they don't like that. they don't want those kids to be targeted by the cops. >> here is the issue. i think actually unfortunately the far right and far left meet on this issue often to legalize marijuana for the wrong reasons. as you said earlier. the last thing that poor communities need is another substance. actually, there are 8 times as many liquor stores in poor communities of color in this country, why would we want to add another?
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want i don't want so see people locked up either. >> wait, let's get to mr. . >> the "new york times" has a long history, this is is a significant shift for them. they are now agreeing with most americans that we need to control marijuana in a different way, which includes super majorities of independents and republicans under 40. the question is who is going to control it, right? and this is not about, you know, this is not about encouraging marijuana use and it's certainly not about encouraging marijuana use among young people. it's about managing the enormous. >> unintended consequence of legalization. >> 8% of people smoke marijuana. >> waited, wait, wait. let me challenge. you are jumping in too quickly. this isn't day side. this is the factor. look, you know the unintended consequence of legalization of anything is to send a message to children that it's socially acceptable. i mean, any parent who would smoke marijuana in front of their child is abusing the child in my opinion. and now you are going to have pot shops? you are going to buy it in
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7/11? it's insane. go ahead. >> we already have an enormous marijuana industry. currently controlled by drug trafficking organizations. >> but, stephan, that's less than 8%. >> wait, wait: mr. sabet. >> the issue really have not how are we going to eliminate marijuana consumption. it's how are we going to manage the market that exists today? >> i don't think it has to be managed any more than the criminal justice system should just deal with with the sellers. all right. last word, mr. is he bet, go. >> i don't know why we would want to manage the less than 8% of people that smoke marijuana regularly. >> i don't either. >> if we legalize it it, we will create another tobacco industry. they will continue to it lie. what people are finding out in colorado, given all the damage there is that legalization and practice is a lot uglier than legalization in theory. they're finding this already this year. >> i have got to go. it was a good debate and we appreciate you guys come on. in numbers on the rundown, george will says the u.s.a. should accept all illegal
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per county. the idea that we can't assimilate these 8-year-old criminals with their teddy bears is preposterous. >> joining us now from washington mary katharine ham and juan williams.
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mary katharine, let's begin with you tonight. how do you react to mr. will. >> i will respectfully disagree on a couple points. do i agree on this point which is we should not discount our ability to ataksim -- assimilate. >> wishes we weren't so good at it there is that i think and i'm not sure about mr. will's policy prescription per se. but, here is one thing he mentions which is, look, these it numbers are not going to overwhelm americans. i think that's true if they were, you know, distributed evenly across the country. here's the problem. what we're not dealing with is that if you -- if that's your policy, that everybody who comes stays without going through any process, then you are not dealing with the many, many thousands that will come after that which will be a bigger problem. already got a humanitarian crisis on the border. the federal government has shown that it's unable to deal with this at that moment. we don't have plan for how to fix that. >> right. mr. will is going to say that, yes, we should accept all the children. then he has to accept
8:15 pm
children all over the world. in a continuing basis. because he didn't qualify that as i would have by saying you have got to now shut the border down, which you can do but mr. will didn't do that and the other thing is, that you said, well, oh, you know, we can do it. 50%, juan, of all immigrant families, not just illegal immigrant but all illegal immigrant families are accepting entitlements from the government. 18 trillion-dollar debt and growing. by the time president obama gets out it will be $20 trillion. it's not unintended oh like with their teddy bears we can do and there is no downside. there is plenty of downside to this, is there not? >> no. gosh, what extrain just argument that one is. yeah, we have lots of things that rack up deck. if you want to just say we have too many loopholes for big corporations and why doesn't ge pay tax. i mean, we can have that discussion. >> are you diminishing the fact that 50% of all immigrant families are on some kind of entitlement program? are you throwing that just
8:16 pm
in the garbage peal? >> start talking about the elderly now. look at all these elderly people. >> you are comparing the situation to other situations. but you are not dealing with it. >> that's why i don't think you are speaking to the heart of this conversation. let's move the conversation forward. the fact is. >> i want your answer on -- no, i'm not moving anywhere, williams. hear me. >> go right ahead. >> hear me. i want you to address my question. auto% of all immigrant families are receiving entitlements from the american taxpayer. it seems to be okay with you. >> yes. because, guess what. >> yes, okay. i got my answer, juan. >> elderly. >> i elderly we support our veterans and i think these children, as george will said, a real conservative will he said on the statue of liberty says we can handle your masses. >> in the world handle everybody's teaming masses. that's just insane. >> let me quickly add. this it's not just george
8:17 pm
will. it's it the southern baptist convention. it's it the evangelicals. it's pope. >> you are reading it wrong. everyone that you mentioned wants compassion for the children who are here. and so do i. i just gave beck a bunch of money to make that happen. but you are dodging the unintended consequences of an open border. now, i have got to get back to mary katharine. >> open border. >> you just did. >> open border. you just disordered the argument intentionally. >> juan compassion. >> wait, mary katharine. you have never called for guard on the border. you have never called for defense on the border. you are an open border guy. and that's who you are. >> you know as much as i love you, all you do is caricature a position to in order to defeat it. >> on this program every single week. >> i'm all for cracking down for people who overstay their visas, i'm not to the point where we say let's make walls that somehow are going it keep everybody. >> we the let the audience
8:18 pm
decide where you are on the issue. all right, mary katharine. >> compassion for this community does not require that we forego an entire process and have a rational way of dealing with this. there is a bipartisan bill that says look, let's speed up this process. there is adjudication process they are supposed to go to. not to deport them per se but to determine who has legal standing to be here. some of them will have legal standing and we should say to them become americans. >> mary katharine, can i break it to you gently? it's never going to happen. there is 100,000 of them. >> they are rational beings. >> they can't do it. you can't even get a driver's license. go on in and try to take the test. you are going to adjudicated 100,000 children to see if they have been raped or gangs trying to kill them. they are here. they are probably going to stay here. >> at least honor that and try that before do away with the entire process. >> do it ain't working. what the solution to this is we have to accept the 100,000 that are here. try to figure out who they're and where they came
8:19 pm
from. but we have to stop it now. >> i think that's one of the ways you stop it is put them through the process. >> mary katharine is right. bill, we have criminals in this country we put them in court. what do you want to do send them to the executioner's chamber without a trial? >> i'm just telling you it is impossible to do what they're talking about doing. it will not happen. mary katharine and juan, thank you. on -- brit hume very controversial issue. it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies,
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to israel after the fighting began. here is what the president said last week. >> israel has a right to defend itself against rocket and tunnel attacks from hamas. i have also said, however, that we have serious concerns about the rising number of palestinian civilian deaths and the loss of israeli lives. >> and joining us now from washington brit hume. first of all, who thinks president obama is anti-israel? is there a lobby? is there a group? >> well, i wouldn't say -- certainly a group in israel thinks. so some israeli politicians clearly think that and there are certainly some on the american right who think that as well. they are not particularly mainstream, but you do hear that sentiment expressed, look, there are some truth to it. remember when netanyahu was snubbed at the white house, you saw this effort over the weekend by john kerry to get israel to go along with a -- you know, what i think anybody who looked at it carefully would agree with
8:24 pm
one sided cease-fire proposal. there is some -- i think obama shares sort of instinctively the sentiment on the academic left which favors israel's palestinian neighbors over israel. it's just -- i think that's where his instincts are but, the reason you don't see big public dust ups between israeli leaders and any american president is that his terrible politics on both sides. israel depends heavily on its alliance with america for its security and its safety and israel is very popular in the u.s. congress and in the country as a whole. and it's a sentiment, bill that you can't really measure by the public opinion polls. it's about the intensity of it. people that care about israel. the sentiment is very intense. they tend to be democrats. and politics are loathe to it offend them. >> all right. but, president obama certainly is not helping israel very much. is he? >> not at the moment. i wouldn't say. so but, look, you saw how balanced that statement you showed from him outside the white house was, you know.
8:25 pm
israel has a right to defend itself. we are concerned about the casualties on both sides. you know, that's sort of horn book, what you say. >> gobbledygook. it doesn't mean glig not much. >> we expect that not only the president but all politicians to do that but it seems to me, i have been in the middle east a couple of times. i know you have been mr. there. that if you have one side, hamas, controls a lot of what the palestinians do. they are feared. and there isn't a palestinian authority to stand up to hamas, so they do what they want. >> well not in gaza, certainly. >> you know, but even in the surrounding area in southern lebanon, you have got hezbollah, you have a lot of anti-israel terrorists there who are basically causing trouble that palestinian authority can't control. i mean, that's a fact. so you got vrl israel there and constantly threatened by these people. as long as that threat remains and these people are are on the record and so is iran. we want to eradicate you and kill you all. we don't care if you are 3
8:26 pm
years old or 93, we are going to kill you. no solution to the problem as long as that exists. am i wrong? >> that's certainly the argument that israel supporters have made which is you stop the terrorism you have got peace. israel's view is that, you know, if israel stopped what it's doing and doesn't defend itself, that will be the end of israel. that's the certainly the way they look at it. >> got guys building tunnels underneath your wall and, of course, the wall in israel has worked as it would on the southern border, let me just throw that in, but now you are tunneling under and then you are lobbing rockets into israeli cities. what do you expect them to do. of course they are going to attack you. in any attack, because it's urban warfare, civilians are going to be killed. to me, i don't know what any american president could do. they all try. and they all fail. >> yeah. and i think -- but i think it's, you know, it's probably worth trying.
8:27 pm
you have got to try because, you know, the situation over there just festers. and you know, the united states has, you know, peacemaker in the world has some obligation to try. but what i have always objected to about covering the story is, that, you know, when you strip away the details of every new situation, nothing really ever changes. >> no, it's the same as it has been since i got in this business 35 years ago. it has never changed. the players change now iran is the big financier and they're the big armor. they are sending the guns in. and they are paying, you know, arafat is dead. but there is, you know, now there is new guys that are getting paid by iran and the other terrorists backers. but, israel, i think is in a position where i agree with you, they don't like president obama because they don't trust him. it's a trust. and i don't think netanyahu trusts the president and vice versa. i don't think the vice president trusts netanyahu, last word. >> bill, i think that's essentially correct.
8:28 pm
netanyahu, of course, has a huge advantage in this situation because of the sentiment that's pro-israel and america. the fact that he speaks flawless english. he makes his case so effectively to american television audiences and you notice that in recent days he has been everywhere on television. you see him everywhere making the case. so that accounts, i think in part for the fact that israel does so well in american public opinion. they seem to us to be like us. >> right. all right, brit. thanks as always. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. watters goes up to rhode island asking people to grade president obama. speaker john boehner and me, your humble correspondent. we all get grades. also megyn kelly on what she thinks the biggest threat is to america right now. hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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factor follow up segment tonight, looks like republicans are gaining political ground with the midterm elections about three months away. according to real clear politics, the senate may go republican in november. in kentucky, mitch mcconnell holds a 1 point lead over his democratic challenger. georgia, david perdue holds a 2 point lead over michelle nun, the democrat there. in iowa, republican jody ernt holds a 1 point lead. louisiana, bill cassidy running against democrat mary landrieu, the incumbent is up by a point. i have a big dinner with carville on that.
8:33 pm
i will run up the tab. udall leads cory gardner by a point. north carolina the incumbent democrat kay hagan leads tom tillis by two and a half points but close to the margin of error. joining us from austin, texas, republican karl rove. also montana and alaska situation in the senate, correct? >> well, in south dakota, west virginia, and then there are are five other races where the republicans are competitive oregon, michigan, minnesota, new hampshire and virginia. but, yeah, look, this is going to be a wild year. the "new york times" came out yesterday and moved their rating on the senate from a 56% chance that republicans took it to a 60% chance. and the "the washington post" recently issued its model and said it felt there was an 86% chance for republicans would take control of the senate. i'm not as optimistic as the "the washington post." but i think the "new york times" has it about right. >> 60% chance that the republicans will gain enough seats to control that body.
8:34 pm
and that means harry reid is out of there. >> >> right. >> you know, he isn't going to wield the power. interestingly enough, most americans don't know this because why would they, you and i do this for a living. harry reid has blocked most meaningful legislation for ever coming up for a vote. he strangled, you know, it's funny, president obama says oh, i can't get anything done because of the stupidity republican house. but, when they do get a bill to the senate, the house, reid blocks it. >> sure: not only that but he also, when he does take up a bill, blocks people being able to propose amendments. the senate has great history, a great tradition, madison described it as the saucer that cools the passions of the house. part of that process to allow the individual senators to make amendments. but he uses an obscure rule in order to, in essence, it's called filling the tree. it means that he is in charge of deciding what limited number of amendments can be considered. and so, really the house is actually functioning as a legislative body.
8:35 pm
the senate has is ruled like a modern dictatorship by senator reid. >> so the gridlock that's caused and has americans angry, because the approval rating from congress around 11%, 12%, is pretty much harry reid's fault. one guy is sabotaging the whole process or am i overstating it? >> well, i think he plays a big role in it i also lay a lot at the foot of the president of the united states who ought to be setting the tone of bipartisanship and forward movement. and, instead hyperpartisan. >> you have got to assume that obama is working with reid and telling him to block all of, this right? >> right, and sometimes though, reid even blocks the president's own initiatives in the state of the union address. the president said i want trade promotion authority and a the next day at a news conference harry reid said, "says nobody better ask us to pass that i do want to put a note of -- look, realism here. this is a tough election. 99 days left. the democrats have four advantages, first of all incumbenciy. in order for the republicans
8:36 pm
to win the senate. they have to not only win the three open seats in tanna, south dakota and west virginia. but they are also going to haved other 11 states. knock off three democrat incumbents elected six years ago. s that time that happened was in 1980. money, democrat senatorial committee raising more money than the national republican senatorial committee. >> that's because of harry reid, all his fundraising; is that right? >> that's right. and then harry reid super pac is really well funded and is he muscling up with the union's trial lawyers and rich liberals to make sure it's funded. the democrats are focused on ground game. they are attempting to bring out in the 2014 election people who voted in 2012 and 2008 but didn't vote in 2010. and finally, you know, look, in every election, you have television ads that sort of stretch the truth. i have never seen the democratizing like in this year. i mean, they attacked tom tillis saying the education budget, he cut a half a billion dollars out of the education budget. when the education budget
8:37 pm
while he has been speaker went from 7 billion to 8 billion. they attacked tom cotton in arkansas. oh, he worked for insurance companies. even though he never worked for an insurance company. >> both sides do that. >> well, but you know what? i have never seen it to this degree. there have been so many -- some instances in which the democrat ads have gotten four pinocchios. they come back and say the same thing in a different way. >> in this internet age you say whatever you want. if it sticks it sticks, and that's it, you take the shot. >> mr. rove, we appreciate it as always. when we come right back, it will be megyn kelly time talking about what frightens ms. megyn? what frightens her the most in this world besides coming on the factor. then watters very frightening guy as you know asked the folks to grade president obama. ♪ don't miss a step...
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the kelly file segment tonight. here are the results of our latest bill o' poll. we asked what is the biggest threat to the u.s.a.? 52% say jihadists. 34% iran. just 14% putin. here now the anchor of the kelly file seen immediately after the factor ms. megyn. what do you think the biggest threat to the country is? >> other than the factor, i would say i'm also very concerned about the jihadists. but, locally, domestically,
8:42 pm
i believe in the saying that only america can destroy herself. and that it sort of starts from within. and i get concerned about myself, bill. the older i get the more i start to understand the segments you do on social values and these culture wars. >> yeah. >> i used to think you were an old fuddy duddy. >> i am. >> i start to get it more this now that i'm a mother of young children. >> nothing wrong with being a fuddy duddy. old is comparative. but women age more rapidly than men. but, now, that you are getting older, you see the fuddy duddiness isn't that bad. >> i worry a little bit about the erosion of our culture, of our family values. do you know what i mean? look at the way you spend your typical day, at least young people in america. you can go an entire day without ever having any human interaction. you go to the bank and deal with the atm. c.v.s., scan your own items. want groceries order them online without interacting
8:43 pm
with another human being. go to lunch spend half of the time on your iphone texting someone who is not even there. >> text the other person you are having lunch with. >> the family dinner that i grew up having every night, that seems like in large part a wave the past. >> so, with all of that true, and particularly young people addicted to the machines and they can't get off them, if you take them away they start to shake and you you have to send them to a clinic. >> don't it is an addiction. >> if they go they look at ipad or blackberry. >> there is the apps. can i seat apps alps alps. >> more interested in taking a photo at the alps rather than looking at it forget about documenting it. >> send to to someone else. so we have established that this is a problem. but how does that erode the foundation of the country? >> i think it makes us feel disconnected and disenchanted forget who we
8:44 pm
are and who we stand for, forget to care about other people. narcissistic, look more in the mirror than at one another. >> you think the machines make people more narcissistic? >> not just the machines but the way we exist in america. >> it really is driving everything. >> i understand technology has done so much good and it's allowed us to work in a different way that it is supposed to be more efficient. but there is something to be said instead of telecommuting for coming into the office and sitting around a table and talking to your fellow man and relating. >> what the machines can't teach you, kelly, and here combings the fuddy duddyisms, it can't teach you common sense. and it can't teach to you analyze and read people across from you. >> sure. >> so therefore the voters go and they swallow all of this bs. >> but i also think. >> they swallow it. >> i think it can make you feel depressed. if you spend too much time looking down at your device. >> it can make you depressed. >> go home instead of looking out the window and looking at the beautiful fall leaves when autumn
8:45 pm
comes, you are looking at some stupid article online like is your life really going to be so much better if you read this one more article about how you are going to lose 10 pounds? >> as far as the country and how it runs. the reason barack obama is president for two terms is because of the machines. the machines have portrayed him in a way that isn't true. >> i think there is another reason. and that is separate and apart from the politics of it i do think that government is growing. and i think that that can have a negative effect in some corners. >> i will say. >> not everybody feels that way. do i think sort of what america was built on is self-sufficiency. >> self-reliance. >> grit. a belief that you can change your own life, power plant, that you can rise to the top no matter how are and what circumstances you were born into. and now the message is the government is always going to be there. so many millions, tens of millions of households, two thirds of the country is receiving some sort of means based entitlements. >> entitlements, sure. they want' it and not going to get off of it. >> looks different from the america we grew up in. what scares me more than anything is how they try
8:46 pm
stuff size four bodies in size two dresses. no matter how spanks you put on, ladies, it's painful. one of these nights at the end of the factor kill over at the desk and james is going to be like she is down. it happens. >> almost like a tourniquet on the ladies here. no deserts. >> three children. >> here is ms. megyn concerned about her attire above all. watters on deck. he goes newport rhode island and asks the folks to grade president obama, speaker boehner and me. watters moments away. fact. every time you take advil liqui gels you're taking the pain reliever that works faster on tough pain than extra strength tylenol. and not only faster. stronger too. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil every time you take advil you're taking the medicine doctors recommend most for joint pain. more than the medicine in aleve or tylenol. the medicine in advil is the number one doctor recommendation for joint pain.
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8:50 pm
♪ ♪ >> what's this place all >> what's this place all about? >> history. architecture. and i'd say some good food. >> you just chased me down off the street. >> yes. >> are you a fanatic? >> no. >> president obama on a scale of one to ten, how would you rate him? >> i'm putting him about six or seven. >> maybe five. >> three. >> he doesn't seem to be honest. i don't like the way he talks. >> don't flatter yourself. >> savvy. >> i think he's done a petty good job in terms of other presidents. >> how would you score the president? >> two. >> how hasn't he measured up? >> he's not mitt romney. >> a five. >> this is not about looks, this
8:51 pm
is about performance. >> failure to perform. >> obamacare's a joke. >> he's, you know, for education. >> now, if he's for education, how come everybody that i talk to on the street doesn't know anything? >> we always think people are aware of things because we're so very aware ourselves and they're not. >> i think he made some promises that he didn't necessarily live up to. >> has president obama done anything well in your opinion? >> he has campaigned well. >> he campaigned well? >> yeah. a good rock star and mascot. >> he's a leader of our country. you've got to give him credit there. >> must be really smart, huh? >> not a fan. >> no? >> no. neither are my parents. >> you could rebel. my parents are hippies. >> when the money started rolling in, i got out of control. >> john boehner, what do you think about him? >> i don't know john boehner. >> you don't know who boehner is? >> no. >> he's not like amazing. >> what was that? >> very tan, he cries a lot. >> oh, that john boehner.
8:52 pm
>> sorry, shows his emotions, that's okay. i don't think he always gets his way. >> i have a couple of little boys that cry when they don't get their way too. >> did you give him a spanking? >> republicans, what do they sand for? >> like you get to keep more of your money. >> what's the first thing you think of? >> like country folk down south. >> conservative. conservative. >> i like them, i think. >> one's for abortion and one's not. >> which one's which? >> republicans for, democrats not. >> you got it the other way. your general impression of the republican party? >> more for the rich. >> rich, greedy. >> rich and greedy. >> yeah. >> i think we need a new party. republicans and democrats, how long has that been going on for? >> quite some time. >> yeah. it's getting boring. >> bill o'reilly, on a scale of one to ten. >> he's like a 15. bill o'reilly from newport.
8:53 pm
>> i said good day. >> you want a straight interview, honest talk, that's where you go. >> do you like watters' world? >> i love watters world. >> this is a little awkward. >> you don't know who bill o'reilly is? >> i have no idea. >> who are you with? >> bill o'reilly fox newschannel. >> you're fox? i don't do fox. >> the spin stops here. >> does it? >> all right. watters isn't here to tell me exactly what my grade was, but he will be back soon enough. next week, three classic watters' world segments right here. coming next, factor tip of the day, how to handle bad things when they happen to you. tip moments away.
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
"the factor" tip of the day, how to handle bad stuff that happens to you in a moment. first, the mail. henderson, nevada, thanks for
8:56 pm
remaining upbeat during the dissolution of america into a mob-strd mania of misery. way to go. i believe in the basic nobility of this country and believe we'll bounce back if good leadership finally appears. we need another lincoln, another teddy roosevelt. straight talk putting the folks first. i remain optimistic but well understand the bad shape we're in right now and i don't like it. laura bacon, santa barbara, california. mr. o'reilly, you said impeachment would harm the country, but what about president obama nearly destroying it? the people elected him twice, laura. we have him for about 30 more months. lima, pe ru, stop blaming obama for once. the blame falls on all the ignorant americans who voted for him. i can't believe there are still people who approve of his job performance. enjoy the winter down there. gary cameron, thailand. there are few signs president obama and his family attend church. why isn't the press covering?
8:57 pm
because national media is secul secular. they might mock them if they did. jeffrey, new orleans, o'reilly, are you so simple that you cannot grasp the difference between iegslationism and non-interventionism? switzerland is noninterventionist. rand paul is right on foreign policy. you guys slay me, jeff, you know? yes, i am a simple man, i admit it. but smart enough to know the bs you're throwing out is absurd. switzerland can be nonintervening because the usa kicked the nazis and soviets in the behind. get it? bill, we're excited to see you and miller in las vegas at caesar's palace but disappointed all the good seats are sold out. some are still available, if you want to see miller and me in the fall, you've got to move it.
8:58 pm
shows sell out all over the place. bill o' will link you guys to the theaters themselves. tracy, new jersey, bill, reading = killing jesus" right now, how do you know the temple elders were so corrupt? bookkeeping records, tracy. the temple elders lived lavishly while working jewish people were dirt poor. all religious holidays were an excuse to use to tax the folks. we provide plenty of backup in "killing jesus" as you know. a big thank you to everybody who bought the book. 43 weeks on the best seller list and counting. best selling nonfiction book 2013. and we lead the league this year so far. amazing. and best selling audio too. and finally, tonight "the factor" tip of the day. miller and i were in the dakotas over the weekend. had a great time. mt. rushmore and crazy horse memorial outstanding. we met sergeant eric martz, he was blinded while fighting in iraq.
8:59 pm
but he's come home. he hosts a radio show. he helps other veterans along with his dog corporal deacon and his courageous wife as well. but here's the thing, the subject of iraq being invaded by the terrorists came up while i was talking with the sergeant. and here's what he said to me. no matter what happens with politics in iraq, this is a quote from him, i was honored to serve my country and do my duty, unquote. doesn't get any clearer than that. fa"the factor" tip of the day. when bad things happen to you try your hardest to turn them around and think of sergeant eric martz. and that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news web factor website. we'd like you to spout off about "the factor." word of the day, do not be craven when writing to "the
9:00 pm
factor." if you're teed off, we want to know about it. thanks for watching tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, our showdown with russia gets ramped up as president obama accuses vladimir putin of launching cruise missiles and violating a critical weapons treaty. a provocative move which nato's top commander has said "cannot go unanswered." welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. we are still getting details. this cruise missile testing has reportedly been going on for some time, perhaps for years. but the administration suddenly just today, and this is just hitting the wires, decided that russia has indeed crossed a big line with our president writing directly to vladimir putin